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ASQ Events
(Please register at: – 12 Spaces Left)
Professional Development Meeting
March 20, 2007
North Raleigh Hilton
5:00pm: Speaker: Mike Crooks – Getting the team involved by Using SWOT and Storyboarding
The standard practice for conducting a SWOT Analysis includes the collection and analysis of an organization’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. The results are usually represented in a SWOT Profile (also called a TOWS Matrix). The ‘Storyboarding’ technique, developed by Mike Crooks in the early 1990’, uses an alternate analysis of the SWOT input to produce actionable outcome of a strategic planning activity.
The difference between the traditional approach to SWOT and the Storyboarding approach is in the presentation and analysis, which is based on:
· Establishing the ‘Driving Charter’ for the organization that simply states ‘if we apply our Strengths in a focused and diligent manner we can achieve our objectives (represented by the Opportunities).
· Acknowledging the ‘Organizational Hurdles’ to success; represented by the patterns of Weaknesses.
· Governing our plans to monitor and mitigate risk as defined by the true Critical Success Factors (CSF’s) as discovered by the correlation between an existing ‘Organizational Hurdle’ and a perceived and/or potential threat being realized.
6:00pm: Networking / informal jobs discussion.
6:30pm: Dinner
7:30pm Speaker: Angela Hall – Case Study of Storyboarding with ASQ Raleigh
During the annual strategy session for ASQ Raleigh, Mike Crooks lead the Board through the storyboarding technique. See how the tool works and what the results have been!
Feel free to come for any portion of the event. Payment is only required for those joining us for the dinner.

Quality in the Triangle
May 22nd, 2007 8-5pm North Raleigh Hilton $65
(Please register at:
There are 11 speakers that will be talking to us about health care quality and manufacturing quality as well as exhibitors and the opportunity to network.
Specific topics will include:
· Applying Quality Practices at a Crisis Response Center
· Using Lean in Hospitals
· Understanding Working Styles
· Combining Lean and Six Sigma in Manufacturing
· Performing a Value Stream Map
· Recent FDA Audit Trends
· Implementing Quality and Efficiency in Transit Planning
· Design of Experiments
· Utilizing Cause and Effect Diagrams

Volunteers are still needed to make this event incredible! Contact Frank Golden at

Quality in the Triangle Exhibitor Space
May 22nd, 2007 8-5pm North Raleigh Hilton Potential Attendance : 130
During this year’s Quality in the Triangle conference the Section will provide space for exhibitors to display their products to a substantial number of quality professionals from the greater Raleigh, NC area. Contact Stephanie Ploeger at if you are interested. There are a limited number of spots available. Cost is $250.

Speaking Opportunities
2007-2008 ASQ Raleigh Professional Development Meetings
Does your organization have something interesting that you would like to share with other members? Do you have expertise in an area that would benefit quality professionals? Would you like to gain some RU credits and professional recognition for presenting? Or how about a nice gift?
We are building out the 2007-2008 Program and need volunteers to present. Please contact the 2007-8 Program Chair Doug McCorquodale

2007-8 Volunteer Opportunities
ASQ Raleigh 2007-8 Program Year
We are actively searching for volunteers to sign up for the 2007-8 Leadership Committee. Obtain RU credits, Resume Bullets, and assist the biggest section in the region continue to improve!
Please contact Jim Murrell if you’re interested! or 919-941-2301

Placement Chair
Assists members and organizations with networking for job placements.

Community Good Works Chair

Co-Program Chair
Coordinates the 2008-2009 Speaker/Event Calendar.

Coastal Federal Accounts
ASQ Members are eligible to obtain Coastal Federal accounts!
Coastal Federal will be present at the March 20th Dinner meeting to answer your questions, provide material on the benefits of Coastal Federal membership, and sign up members.