Raleigh ASQ e-News ::: May 8, 2007  

In This Edition: Quality in the Triangle and Getting Yourself Involved

Quality in the Triangle

May 22nd, 2007        8-5pm               North Raleigh Hilton                               $65

(Please register at: http://asqraleigh.org/wp/reservations/meeting.php)

There are 11 speakers that will be talking to us about health care quality and manufacturing quality as well as exhibitors and the opportunity to network. 

Forward the brochure to friends & co-workers, about 25 spaces remain.

Volunteers are still needed to make this event incredible! Contact Frank Golden at frank.j.golden@gsk.com.

Quality Survey

What Makes TQM Work?              https://www.surveymonkey.com/s.asp?u=880103396492

If you did not respond last month, please take a few minutes and click on the link above to fill out a survey from Debbie Hill, an ASQ Raleigh section member, and PhD Candidate.  There were very few responses last month and Debbie cannot complete the PhD without your help.  Remember that the survey is strictly confidential, and the results will be made available to members later this year, which could then be utilized to improve your TQM efforts. Of course the more respondents, the better and more useful the results will be, so please get included in this project!

YMCA Community Good Works Project

Enhance the community & gain serious satisfaction from using your quality skills!

The intent of this good works project is to improve upon the YMCA’s volunteer tracking system including volunteer effectiveness metrics utilizing Six Sigma Methodologies. The project kicks off May 9th and will end no later than October 1. Meetings will take place in Raleigh during afternoon business hours.  Estimated commitment is 5 hours per month (not including travel time).

            Interested? Contact Good Works Chair Kevin Hopkins, mrvawn@hotmail.com.

Six Sigma SIG

Six Sigma Special Interest Group Meeting NOT OCCURING IN MAY

The next SIG meeting is scheduled to occur June 26th. Further information will appear in the eNews June edition.

(Feel free to go ahead and register at: http://asqraleigh.org/wp/reservations/meeting.php)

2007-8 Program Volunteers

Get RU credits! Enhance your resume! dougpat@nc.rr.com

Volunteers are needed to contact and coordinate speaking arrangements and tours for the 2007-8 Session.

Lean Healthcare Training Offering

Learn more about Lean Healthcare! http://www.forwardmotionassociates.com/

In a day long training event you will learn applications for Lean concepts and how they can improve your workplace to quickly generate accurate results and improved patient outcomes. You will perform successive iterations of “medical” procedures whereby Lean will be used to identify and eliminate many of today’s systemic problems in Healthcare. You’ll see actual examples from the presenter’s work in Health Care. If interested in attending, please advise terry@ForwardMotionAssociates.com. If you wish to provide a host facility for the next event – your attendees free!

(Meet Terry Krauss at the Quality in the Triangle as he moderates the Healthcare track!)

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