ASQ Raleigh’s Career Advancement Ideas

1. ASQ offers several certifications that might fit into your interest and provide you with some credentials interesting to potential employers.

2. Volunteer for an ASQ Raleigh Good Works project. You can become familiar with the quality tools in a non-threating environment and network with non-profits and other quality professionals. Information on this program is at: You can also contact the Good Works Chair Matt Murray to discuss

3. Attend the Quality in the Triangle Conference in May. This event will have a large number of people in attendance and provide a great networking opportunity for you. More information will become available shortly on cost/registration/topics:

4. ASQ Raleigh members can also benefit from placing their resumes on the website and reviewing open job posts there. Forward your resume to ASQ Raleigh Chair (email found at: for inclusion on the website.

5. Volunteer for the ASQ Raleigh Leadership Council. Positions are opening for the following program year always begins July 1. Please email the ASQ Raleigh Chair-Elect (email found at: if you are interested.

6. Check out other resources from ASQ at:

If you are interested in becoming an ASQ member, has more information and links to the ASQ application. If you are already an ASQ member but not a member of ASQ Raleigh, update your section to the Raleigh area (this can be done on – within the manage account area).

Also, don’t forget that has a host of networking tools and learning resources available to you.
Membership dues can be reduced during your unemployment, we just updated the main page of to emphasize this.