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Six Sigma SIG is our ASQ Raleigh Chapter’s special interest group that focuses on Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma methodologies. In our meetings we showcase our members and special guest’s project work as well as tutorials on new and cutting edge quality tools.

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Presenter:  Ned Jones

Presentation Title:  Developing Acceptance Sample Designs

Presentation Summary:   Inspections of commodities for invasive pests are a routine activity at ports of entry around the world. Frequently on these samples find no pest. What does it mean when no pest are found? Is the shipment free of pest? Or more likely is the pest level so low that that the sample did not find any pests.  The binomial distribution provides an understanding of these sampling situations. In most situations inbound shipments come in prepacked units, boxes, rather than bulk shipments. This leads us to a need for a two stage sample plan. In these sample plans inspectors sampling boxes and then commodity units within the boxes. This calls for the application of binomial and/or hypergeometric sampling at each stage.

Sample designs will be constructed using a graphical tool based on a both binomial and hypergeometric distribution, a special case of binomial for small populations. The profiler provides an understanding of the relationships between detection level, detection efficiency, probability of infestation, confidence, and sample size. Using the profiler a unique view of the interaction of these factors for both single stage and multiple stage sampling will be presented.

Presenter Bios:   Ned Jones is a retired statistician, formerly with the US Department of Agriculture. During his career he worked for the USDA, NASS as a statistician, and mathematical statistician worked with sampling and data analysis. Then moved to the US Postal Service where he worked as a mathematical statistician and economist. At the US Postal Service he designed, developed, and implemented systems to measure both outbound and inbound international mail revenue and volume. He returned to the USDA to the Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) where he provided statistical leadership consulting with everyone from field inspectors to scientist to administrators. After retiring he started a statistical consulting business. He has experience with sample design, DOE, and repair, data analysis, and more. His focus biostatistics and also light industrial sampling and measurement. Jones completed a BS in horticulture, a MS in agricultural economics, and two years of graduate work in statistics.

Date: Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Time: 5:30pm with 30 minutes of socializing and promptly begin the presentations at 6:00pm.  Typically we are finished between 7:00pm and 7:30pm depending on discussion and question time.


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