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The Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering is seeking a full-time Laboratory Manager. The Lab Manager will serve under the supervision of the Chair of the department, while also supporting faculty and students engaged in laboratory research and teaching labs. The Lab Manager will function within the R&D activities of the Department, which includes calibrating and reading instruments, conducting preventive and corrective maintenance on manufacturing equipment, ergonomics equipment, and operating associated instrumentation such as EMG, brain-computer interfaces, 3D additive manufacturing equipment (Makerbots, Fortus systems), robotic arms, automation equipment and decibel meters. The successful candidate will have overall responsibility for testing protocols, machine logic, product design (such as 3D/additive design), software safety, and verification. The successful candidate will be responsible for environmental, health and safety regulations, standards, and guidelines related to research and teaching laboratories, as well as the functionality and appearance of lab and teaching spaces. The ISE Department seeks a team member who is experienced with data collection and ethical and reliable storage and retrieval of data in research labs.