ASQ National

ASQ Raleigh receives approximately $18 per year for each member that identifies our section in their membership portfolio. (If you live in the area and still have Boise, Idaho as your section, go to to update!)


ASQ Raleigh education programs are offered at a discounted fee for members. The money that is collected is used to cover the fees of the trainers, offset the free training provided to the Host Corporation employees, and assists in covering the cost of our other programs.


Dinner Meetings 

Members and Guests are charged a fee for dinner at our Monthly Professional Dinner Meeting Programs; attending the meeting itself is free.  ASQ Raleigh aims to charge enough to cover expenses with the goal of providing member value. Gaining section financial wealth is not the strategy with this program.  In 2010-2011, ASQ Raleigh subsidized dinner meetings and programs by about $1600 including the cost of registration administration and speaker gifts.


ASQ Raleigh organizes facility tours for our members at no cost. The expense of the tours in 2010-2011 was approximately $2132.

Six Sigma Special Interest Group

ASQ Raleigh financially supports the monthly meetings of the Six Sigma SIG by providing light refreshments and covering administrative expenses.

Quality in the Triangle Conference 

The goal of the ASQ Raleigh Quality in the Triangle Conference is to breakeven. Any fees charged to members and guests are to cover the location and food expenses. In 2011, ASQ Raleigh was able to cover all expenses related to the QIT with registration and sponsor fees.

ASQ World Quality Conference
ASQ Raleigh reimburses travel and lodging expenses for leadership team members to attend the annual ASQ Conference where they have the opportunity to learn from other ASQ leaders from around the world and get the latest news from ASQ’s Board of Directors on any governance, progams or financial changes they will be responsible for implementing as Section Leaders. The World Conference is also a treasure trove of speakers for our programs and local QIT annual conference presenters.


ASQ Raleigh continues to support community improvements and gives to local charities. See more detail on this on the ‘Community’ > ‘Charities’ web page.

Other expenses 

Routine costs for the section include technology (website, listserv, laptop, camera, web-hosting fees), post office fees, and banking expenses.