Employment Resources

Resources for the Job Seeker

This ASQ section doesn’t endorse these links or the companies listed below, we merely wish to inform the job seeker of possible tools/resources that are available to him/her. This is not an all inclusive list and job seekers are encouraged to seek out other resources.

Help! I’ve been laid off, now what do I do?

How to file for North Carolina Unemployment
Layoff Survival Guide

Finding your next job, links to employment web pages:

ASQ National Employment Board
Brilliant People
Career Jet
Career Builders
Career Mosaic
Manufacturing Job Opportunities
North Carolina Employment Security Commission
Department-Store Applications/Online Resources

Career Planning Links:
Q. Are you being paid what you are worth?
A. Salary

Q. Where will the jobs be in the future?
A. North Carolina Labor Market Statistics
A. U.S. Department of Labor

Q. If I move, what will be my cost of living?
A. Economic Research Institute
A. Cost of Living Calculator

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