Recertification Process

The recertification process is straightforward. Once an individual has successfully completed the applicable examination, the individual is responsible for completing 18 recertification units (RU) within the three-year period following the original successful examination. All recertification periods end either June 30 (for March and June examination dates) or December 31 (for October and December examination dates). To assist members, ASQ Headquarters will send email reminders from time to time to make members aware of upcoming deadlines.

Recertification Units (RU) are awarded in several categories, all of which are aimed at maintaining or improving the knowledge demonstrated during the examination or are job enhancing. The categories include: Professional Development; Employment; Courses: as an Instructor or as a Student; Meetings; Committees; Certifications; Proctoring, Electronic Media; and Publishing.

Effective January 1, 2019 recertification journals must be completed electronically through the ASQ website.   Open the ASQ home page and log into using your user id and password.  Then navigate to the RECERTIFICATION page to locate your recertification journal.  There all RU credits can be identified and the supporting evidence can be uploaded into the site.  RU credits will not be accepted without the proper supporting documentation evidence.  Once all RU credits are entered submit and your journal will be routed to recertification at ASQ Headquarters for evaluation.

Usually within one week of receipt, the applications for recertification are reviewed for accuracy and completeness for approval.  ASQ Headquarters makes the approval decision through the web portal.  In cases of concern, the applicant is contacted to resolve the concern with either more information and/or further clarification.   Members are notified in writing or by e-mail when their package has been reviewed and accepted. Names of members successfully completing the recertification process are posted on the ASQ Raleigh web site.

Receipts for payment are provided by ASQ Headquarters as they process all monies.

For more information regarding anything regarding ASQ Headquarter decisions you may also contact Lisa Valle (Recertification Coordinator ) at ASQ Headquarters.  Lisa can be reached at 800 248 1946 x2247 or 414.274.2247 (Direct Line).

If you have specific questions regarding recertification, the Raleigh Chapter is still here to assist.  Please contact Fred Rich at 919-890-4674, or e-mail and we will be happy to help.

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