Tips to prevent delays in recertification

1. Provide clear evidence to substantiate the RU’s claimed. Examples include evidence of attendance and the agenda showing time spent for a claimed seminar, or claiming 0.7 RU’s for an event with a certificate of attendance or completion which also shows the CEU’s or RU’s awarded.

2. Organize the materials in the application in an orderly fashion (such as the flow of the recertification journal).

3. If you are submitting two or more “unsynchronized” re-certifications at the same time, clearly establish which materials support which certification. In some cases it is helpful, but not mandatory, to have separate “packages” for each recertification, including separate journals.

4. Clearly provide method of payment (Examples: Credit card number, expiration date, and signature for card; check payable to ASQ)

5. The activities submitted for recertification must have occurred during the three years subsequent to the original examination (usually July through June or January through December). Dates of activities must clearly reflect the appropriate time “window”.

6. Only eighteen RU’s are needed for recertification. ASQ Headquarters has instructed the section reviewers to stop reviewing and approve the applications as soon as eighteen RU’s are achieved. There is no extra credit and no carryover for more than 18 RU’s.

7. You are a “professional”. Your package should reflect that professionalism.

Additional information can be found at Look under the certification tab.

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