Benefits of Membership

When joining an organization, it is key to understand the benefits that you will appreciate in your membership. Below are some great benefits offered to ASQ Members. If you are not already a member, become a Raleigh ASQ Member today!

Networking Opportunities: ASQ offers communities dedicated to bringing industry professionals together to share common interests and ideas. Join the Raleigh Section and become connected with others like you. Also join our LinkedIn Group at:

Educational Opportunities: Take classes to prepare for certification exams or teach the classes to solidify your own learning and help others.

Member Discounts and Training: Get terrific discounts on certifications and training.

Get access to the ASQ national resources: Stay current with the latest trends and information in the quality world from experts in the industry with a subscription to Quality Progress and the other resources at

Flexible Membership Levels: Select the membership level that suits your needs, whether you are a student or a veteran in the industry.

Be a person of Excellence: Every industry strives for quality and quality is synonymous with Excellence. ASQ has been the world’s leading authority on quality related topics. If you are not already a member, join the group of professionals striving for excellence, today!

Job offerings: Find your dream job or post your resume for the employer looking for their ideal employee.

Quality in the Triangle Conference: Come participate with us at the annual Quality in the Triangle conference in Raleigh, NC. QIT is a quality conference in your own backyard, where you can network with other professionals and hear from experts in the industry! Stay tuned for upcoming details on the date, location, key speakers, and topics that will get you as excited as we are. See you there!!!

ASQ Membership Dues Assistance

Please note that ASQ offers several benefits to members in an effort to assist during job transitions.

  • Retired Members : For those who are retiring and have 10 or more years of ASQ membership.
  • Unemployed Members : Discounted dues are available while searching for new employment.