Executive Board

2010-11 Executive Board Serves through June 30, 2011.

Name Position Company Function Email
Mary Chris Easterly
Diosynth Biotechnology (Merck)
Serve as Chief Executive Officer of the section. Oversee all aspects of section management and lead all volunteers. Function as primary contact for regional director and headquarters. mary.chris.easterly@merck.com
Stephanie Ploeger
Vice Chair
Acts as Chair in the Chair’s absence.  Establish the section’s business plan for the year and develop the internal systems for implementing the plan. stephanie.ploeger@talecris.com
Patrick Willhite
Oversee section funds, maintain accurate section financial records, and report on financial condition of the section at times directed by the bylaws and policies and procedures. patrick.willhite@medel.com
Tauna A. Schachle Secretary
Siemens Healthcare
Document section business, maintain records of the section, and serve as the official correspondent of the section. tauna.schachle@siemens.com