Tips for browsing the ASQ Raleigh site

  1. How do I login?
    Members of the leadership council who will be editing information on the site will receive special accounts on this system. Other members can login using their member id as both the user name and password. Please drop any leading zeroes before using your member id to login.
    Use the “Login” link on the upper menu bar, or the login link you’ll see, for example, on the page that shows the list of job postings.
  2. Help! I can’t login. The “lost password” link doesn’t work. How do I get my new password?
    If you login with your member id, your password will be reset to your member id each month when the list of members is updated. If you think security on the system has been compromised, please write to and special arrangements can be made.
    If you’re an editor on the site, the “lost password” link should work. [Note you’ll get one e-mail with a link to click to confirm it’s you asking to change the password. Then you’ll get another e-mail with the new password.] If this doesn’t work, please contact
  3. Do I have to register for the site? I can’t find a link to do that.
    Leadership council members and other contributors will receive special instructions. Otherwise, when you login (see the link in the upper navigation bar) just use your member id for both the user name and your password (without the leading zeros).  Instead of using the login link in the upper right, you may want to use the special links on the pages where you need to be logged in to see the members only content: Employment > Jobs Offered. [Not a member? Join now!]
  4. Do I have to login?
    No, only if you want to see the full information on job postings or past events or if you’re someone who’s responsible for editing any of the content.
  5. There is a third menu at the very bottom of the page for Archives and Site Map. I understand the Site Map, but what’s with the Archives? Why don’t those pages appear in the Site Map, too?
    This system allows for the posting of “news items” and “events”. These are more easily found by searching for them by date or by category rather than on a particular page, and that way of searching is provided on the Archives page. Other items, like “About” or the Em, aren’t part of this “news flow.” Look for them on the Site Map.
  6. I heard this software called a “blog.” So how do I comment?
    Well, the commenting features have been turned off. Members of the leadership council can make posts and edit pages, keeping the site current. If there are items for discussion, please contact one of the officers who can decide how best to handle the request. On the other hand, news items, events, and and selected pages have “sharing” buttons on the bottom. Feel free to share them on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter — and follow ASQ Raleigh on one of its social media channels for further discussion.
  7. Can the Events Calendar be updated automatically in my Outlook/etc calendar? Try the “add this event” buttons at the bottom of a single event to add it to your calendar.